Foreign Truck Driver Job

At Agri-Fresh, we see shipping in an unexpected way.

Above all else, we treat our expert drivers actually like we treat our clients. Which means, we center around their requirements and discover approaches to help and offer some incentive to them. We do this since it’s the correct activity, yet we additionally understand that transporters and experienced drivers have a great deal of choices. We need to be an organization that transporters and drivers need to work with.

We are a family run organization and have constructed a fruitful and quickly developing business by treating individuals right.

Agri-Fresh is a particular refrigerated transporter. We just move new produce from California and Arizona, into the Canadian Prairies.

We are pleased to convey new and solid consistently, and since we are trained professionals, there are a ton of advantages for our drivers. Maybe than doing a ton of picks and drops for the duration of the day, or even for quite a while, our drivers leave Winnipeg and don’t contact their heap until they arrive at their objective. This implies that your time is opened up to do what you love…drive a great deal of miles!

It merits referencing that the paths from the Canadian Prairies to California and Arizona are probably the most excellent and charming courses there are in our industry. Plan your resets to exploit the excellence and experience that California and Arizona have to bring to the table – particularly in winter!

In the event that you might want to join our family, here are the necessities:


Have a Class 1A driver’s permit with a base one-year explained insight.

Can enter the United States.

Appreciate driving for broadened timeframes, around fourteen to 21 days all at once.

Appreciate arranging your timetables and courses, utilizing chart book, e-logs and other outing arranging helps.

Have some mountain driving experience as it is viewed as a resource.

Have a reasonable criminal record check.

Have a Drivers Abstract with three or less infringement.

Are an astounding communicator.

Whenever chose, you will go into Agri-Fresh’s In-House Training Program. The program is custom fitted to you and is generally 2 to 3 days, contingent upon your experience.

Here is the breakdown for our Total Compensation and Benefits bundle:

Base Rate of $0.45 per mile

After fruition of first year expanded to $0.50 per mile.

An Assigned Truck – No one will drive your unit when you take a couple of vacation days.

Normal 11,000 miles each month, in any case, some full-time drivers run as much as 13,000 miles each month.

All pick and drops paid $20.00 – $40.00.

All stacked line intersections paid $10.00.

Detainment, delay, and defer pay.

Chain up pay $50.00.

Trailer waste of time $10.00.

Following three months of business, we offer a medical advantages bundle (clinical, dental, handicap and life coverage)

Fourteen days’ excursion pay of 4%, following one-year business.

Agri-Fresh is an equivalent chance boss, and we welcome all intrigued candidates to apply.

If it’s not too much trouble, connect with our group today to check whether joining the Agri-Fresh group is an ideal choice for you

You can apply for this Job here

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